Electric Feed Carriage Drives

Engineering Performance from Off-The-Shelf Componentry.

Jacobson Engineering designs and builds the Electric Log Carriage Drive using state of the art technology from industry leaders.

Consisting entirely of commercial, off the shelf components, each drive is custom engineered to meet each client’s unique application demands. This proven combination delivers unsurpassed performance, proven reliability, and minimal maintenance for clients the World over.


Building High Efficiency, Quick Accelerating Drives.

Low inertia translates directly into a highly responsive system with rapid acceleration.

The fundamental system design employs a low inertia motor driving a cable drum through a speed reducer, and gaining mechanical advantage through the gear box.

The gear box reduces the reflected system inertia by the square of the gear ratio; a 10:1 reducer reduces the system’s inertia by a factor of one hundred. A low inertia configuration ensures maximum performance.


Low energy consumption with the Jacobson Engineering Electric Feed results from the regenerative breaking.

In effect, “borrowing” energy from the utility during carriage acceleration, the system “returns” that energy during carriage deceleration. Instead of wasting energy with mechanical breaks or dynamic breaking that produce heat, regenerative systems conserve energy by regeneration. The actual energy consumption then, is due to losses and inefficiencies of the motor and power electronics which are over 95% efficient.

Optimizing Accuracy and Longevity.

Utilizing modern, digital electronic drive components, means accuracy and flexibility are inherent advantages in the Jacobson Engineering Log Carriage Drive System.

Accurate control of all drive parameters allows for maximum performance while minimizing equipment stress. By properly programming in torque/speed rate of rise, torque reversal is cushioned for less gear wear and increased cable life. The temperature of the motor is monitored in real time providing comprehensive thermal protection.

These drives come standard with serial and parallel communications capability and can interface directly with a setworks computer, programmable controller, etc., for optimum Headrig operation. The Drive Electronics are housed in a gasketed enclosure with closed circuit air conditioner keeping the electronics cool and clean in the mill environment.

Ensured Safety.

Safety is paramount in all modern Sawmills and the Jacobson Engineering Log Carriage Drive is the safest drive unit on the market. The system utilizes end of track limit switches for slow down and emergency stop which virtually eliminates bumper collisions as experienced by other types of carriage drives (e.g., hydraulic, clutch/brake). Also, the Jacobson Engineering Electric Feed has fail-safe dynamic braking to stop the carriage if the utility power supply should fail.

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